Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Mine seemed to go by a little too fast. I managed to fit in some runs, clean the house, have dinner with friends, and today (dreary) I plan on watching the third season of Arrested Development. Which, by the way, I almost died when I found out there was a season three! I thought there was only two season. I love that show! Anyway, here are some items you will be finding in the shop this week: {A sweet little bird who can clip on to just about anything} {an old gym locker basket perfect for displays or holding your knitting supplies and a little old clock that would make a desk very happy}
{Some great vintage linens including this reversible apron. Don't you just love baking in these? I feel all Julia Child in one!}

Enjoy your Sunday!
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a winner will be announced tomorrow.....


  1. Great stuff!

    I've spent the day cleaning like a mad woman for in-laws that are now 2 hours late. And I have a feeling their visit will be very short. Don't you hate when you clean for no reason? (Well, I say I do, but I really love a clean house! haha)

  2. i use my sweet apron on purpose. makes me feel like a better cook?


  3. awesome pictures and love the apron.....and the wire basket....and the birdie....and everything! xo