Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Victory in Apartment Therapy

{My sweet little antique drawer made it on Apartment Therapy!}
On a side note---I've been reading Apartment Therapy for a while, and its the only "blog" with comments that constantly contain harsh criticism . I realize readers won't like everything they see, but is it necessary to point that out all the time or pick on indie designers who put their heart and soul in their projects? I am bringing this up because some reader made a comment calling the idea of using old drawers as plant boxes "ghetto". Really? Ghetto? It's not like I am using them to showcase off a collection of Colt 45 Malt Beer bottles. I'm not so bothered by the readers response, but annoyed that he/she is so ignorant they take the time to leave such comments. I'll quit venting now...I guess jury duty is taking a toll on my sanity!
On a brighter note---Once I'm finally done with this jury duty biz I'll be putting some new stuff in the shop this weekend! Thanks for all your nice comments regarding duty. It cheered me up last night :)


  1. Congrats on being on AT! I haven't been a big reader of AT, I just check in now and then. But I think it's terrible that people would leave negative comments. What's the point? I like the drawer :)

  2. Congrats! This will bring lots of deserved attention your way! I'm so proud for you!

    I totally understand the harsh comments there...... they have featured my work three times and one time it started out negative and people just ran with it. It got really mean and ugly and I was so shocked at the things people would write! I mean it's totally ok not to like something and for it to not be your taste....but in these trivial situations I like to stick to the old rule.... if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all!!

  3. Woo-hoo! You're all over the place girl! I'm so excited for you. You deserve this. You have one of the best vintie stores on Etsy!

    Ignore the negative nellies out there. I think very little of people who leave negative comments. It's mean and just shows their jealousy and pettiness complete lack of taste and character. That's all I can say and still keep it G rated (though I'm thinking much harsher things about them involving 4-letter words).

    I hope jury duty finishes up fast!

  4. congrats on your AT appearance! YIPEEEE!
    and runny dog poo on people that give nonconstructive criticism.

  5. TELL ME ABOUT IT. i stopped reading AT because of the haters. seriously, it was HORRIBLE. people would nag and criticize about everything from yellow paint to grammar.

  6. Congrats on your AT mention! And yeah, I don't know what is up with those people either...

  7. I'm so tickled about your feature over there :) It's delightful to see! And your items are so worthy of the notice!

    As for the ghetto comments *gag* I can't believe it could ever be seen as such. I don't really understand people who leave such aggressive and mean comments. It's not as if everyone needs to love the items, but it's just much kinder to not say anything at all if it prompts meanness. Little worlds, that's all I can think, they just live in a little world.

    I'm so sorry, deary!

    And, I'm just thrilled you're in on that new shop at Fitgers--I haven't seen Cassi's logo yet. I think it sounds divine!

  8. Congrats...I love the drawer!

  9. Hiya! I just click over here after reading one of your comments on CityChicCountryMouse's blog. =) Nice to meet you! I love Duluth. I'll be back to your blog again, so that I can live vicariously through you. =) Oh, and what I was going to first say-- Congrats on the Design*Sponge article! Yay for you!!!

  10. Haha, oops, I meant Apartment Therapy. =)
    (Thanks for being so sweet as to not correct me immediately!)