Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doing My Duty

So. It happened.
I got the letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying I had to report into jury duty.
Crossing my fingers I wouldn't get picked I showed up today.
Yeah...I got picked right away.
Looks like I will be m.i.a the next couple days.
Trial already started this afternoon!
I'll try updating the shop/blog as soon as I can.
{photo found here}


  1. I've never had to report, yet. *knock on wood* Hope the trial ends up being somewhat interesting!

  2. hahhh...hope it ends as quick as possible!

  3. i've always been interested in jury duty hahah
    hope it's an interesting case!

  4. drag.....or maybe it will turn out to be some kind of adventure. new people, new place....you never know.

  5. Bummer! I had to do jury duty once, and have been avoiding it like the plague ever since!

  6. i always wanna get picked and never do!!

  7. Ugh. So sorry you have to deal with jury duty! I haven't been called for it yet, but I know it's only a matter of time...