Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time for a shop update!

Finally! A normal shop update. The sun has been out the last couple days so I finally got some product photos taken. I'm really in love with that wood pink cooler. Isn't it perfect for enjoying summer beverages on your front porch or at the beach? The glasses in the photo are covered in a super cool woven fabric. Sorry to say, those are staying with me! I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday and check back in a couple days for another shop update!


  1. Whoa. These are some of your best finds yet! And if I only would have taken the hubs' last name... that crate would be our monogram! (Is it monogram? That seems to indicate 1 letter... hmmm....)

  2. They're all gorgeous, I'm not normally a big fan of pink but that clock has converted me, beautiful!