Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage skateboards coming tomorrow!

Believe it or not I use to skateboard. Well sorta, I used to longboard which is tad bit different. I still have my sector 9 in the garage. Every now and then I think of pulling it out for a ride but then I remember I live on a huge hill and am not the brave teenager I once was. Maybe, just maybe this summer I'll get up the courage for a ride again.

Tomorrow I'll be adding these awesome old school skateboards to the shop. I love how their so narrow and basic. I always thought these would look pretty sweet in a kids room or a cool place to set plants on.


  1. Those are awesome! Where did you find them!?

    For awhile I wanted to learn to skateboard, but decided not to in deference to the massive amount of orthodontic work I had as a teenager.

  2. I found them at an estate sale. This place had so much fun stuff!

  3. Sweet....those are bad ass. What a groovy find.

  4. Giiirrrlll, those vintage skateboards are too cool.