Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Decor is up!

Can you believe Christmas is next month already? I can't! It sneaks up so fast I decided to start putting up some vintage Christmas decor in the shop that I had been saving. I think you will like what I added: {I love this tapestry so much I hung on to it for a year. Isn't she precious? I think this is perfect for a modern home or a person who just wants a little holiday decor in their house without going overboard}
{Handmade cross-stitched greetings are always nice. Especially when little elves make up the letters :)}
{Vintage scenery for a vintage display? I think so!}
{And of course you need a vintage display for the scenery....I love these Japanese putz houses. Made from paper they look magical when lit up}

Be sure to check out even more next week!
Happy Weekend!