Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new items!

Hello friends! Sorry for all the sporadic posts lately. Its been a busy busy fall. I am heading to Chicago for market this Friday and will be gone until next Wednesday. Its hard to believe I will be buying clothes for early summer when it hasn't even snowed here yet! I thought I would update the shop with some new things before I head out. I promise to have more updates and sneak peeks in the next few weeks. {This mid-century bottle opener is so cute. It has both a wine and beer opener!}
{Perfect for strawberry jam or sugar}
{A nicely weathered lunch box for display plants or storing misc.}

See you next week!!


  1. Sweet...all of them...have fun...smiles.

  2. Love that bottle opener! A sweet surprise :)

  3. That strawberry is absolutely precious!