Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shop Update!

Happy Tuesday! I had a wonderful weekend of hiking in the woods with my dog, yummy lunches with good friends, and estate sale shopping to find more treasures. How was your weekend? I updated the shop late last night and will be adding some more stuff later this week including more vintage jewelry! Thank you for your kind words last week. I always appreciate your comments :){ Diner style syrup and sugar dispenser}
{Engine red mugs for the festive months ahead}
{I love these cleaver clasp stoneware jars. Classy and so functional!}
{Mid-century pitcher with some great abstract illustrations}


  1. Gah! You know I love the mid-cent illustration on the little pitcher. And how cool are those diner sugar and syrup dispensers!? I would love it if I could eat enough pancakes, french toast, and waffles to justify a syrup dispenser on my table every morning. But my behind wouldn't fit through the door, tee-hee...

  2. cute cute cute! engine red mugs!!!!
    oh boy i wish az and i were setting up house now cuz i think those cups need to be with us!