Thursday, July 2, 2009

And a Happy 4th to You!

I just added some more things to the shop before I head out for the weekend.
Aren't this small bird plates pretty?
They would look really pretty randomly placed on a wall or with your hung plate collection.
What are you plans for the 4th? We rented a cottage with some friends near the BWCA in Grand Marais for the weekend. I love it up there. Its right on Lake Superior and bordering thousands of miles of complete wilderness. Ben proposed to me in Grand Marais so its near and dear to my heart :) We're also planning on doing a 10k trail run up there too. I'm so excited to sit around in the sun and grill delicious foods! It's my dads birthday on the 4th, so I have to be sure to send him some love (he'll be golfing all day no doubt).
Have a wonderful holiday!!!


  1. Have a terrific 4th and wish your handsome golfing Dad a Happy Birthday! Love the plates!

  2. Oh! I love 'em. Have a great weekend, it sounds fantastic. =)

  3. Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like a great time! Love the birdies!

  4. Ah, I see you have a cookbook in your shop! Love that Betty Crocker Party book - a classic!

    I'm working tomorrow and Sunday - painting projects at my fiance's Mom's house, prepping for a party his family is throwing for us next weekend. But Saturday will be a great big family day and watching a small town parade with my fiance's family (they are just the loveliest people). Have a great weekend girlie. Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect!

  5. Oh I love small bird illustrations...and these ones are so adorable...

    Have a great weekend and wonderful celebration, much love: Evi

  6. I LOVE those hung plate collections! They are so cool! These would be precious... they don't match my kitchen at all, but someones! Happy Friday and happy 4th! -e

  7. ...beyond pretty & charming!
    Have a FAB & happy 4th of July darling!