Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sneak Peek Sunday!

It's pretty chilly today in Duluth. I'm about to make some tea and pick up the house before I get too cozy on the couch and lay there all day :) I managed to get some photos done this afternoon in time for Sunday's sneak peek. Enjoy! {bright and cheery, I love these sunshine yellow enamel nesting bowls}
{this fun adding machine was probably common before calculators were invented! Can you imagine using these? a great display item for sure}
{this brass planter has two lion door knockers keeping guard on its sides. It reminds me of you something you would see in Narnia or The Labyrinth (maybe in the Goblin Kings study?}
{I don't think I'll ever get old of these metal frogs. This one has the best kelly green color and is perfect for displaying cards or recipes}
Find these items in the shop this week along with some other new treasures!


  1. I love the lion! Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite movies - Labyrinth. I used to have it on VHS. I need to make a plan to watch this again soon. Stay warm!

  2. Cold here in Illinois as well......really? It's summer?!!! arghhh!
    Love the new items and i'm a freak for metal frogs....just love them :)

  3. Darn my sad little bank account! I want those yellow bowls. Every time I turn around, you're in a gift guide, storque article, or the front page. I'm always so happy when I see that!

    It was 90 degrees in my neighborhood today. Wishing you warmer weather this week...

  4. lovin' the yellow bowls!! xo

  5. the adding machine looks very fun

  6. I love the adding machine! It would look beautiful on display :D

    BTW I mentioned you in my blog. Join in if you would like to! Thanks :D

  7. weird, what was the week burst of hot weather and sunshine?! it is back to gloomy and chilly here in portland.
    was that our summer?! eeeep!

    i like the adding machine, how does it work

  8. you have to scroll the numbers down on the blue part, but I'm pretty sure you still have to add them yourself....yeah, not that helpful after all.

  9. that adding machine is a cracker!