Monday, June 22, 2009

Shop Update!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was very chaotic in a fun kind of way. I had a lot of fun with my 11 year old niece who stayed with us and the marathon was so much to watch. It ended up being close to 90 degrees without a cloud in the sky so Mr.Lindello had a hard, but good race. I'm so proud of all my friends and family who ran, especially on such a blistering hot day!

I'm in kind of a goofy mood so I decided to add something to the shop that I found the other weekend that made me giggle. I think someone can get creative with the faux slices of bread don't you?

I added some other treasures to the shop so be sure to check them out! Any fun plans for this week? Its a dreary day in Duluth right now, but I'm hoping to get out for a hike with Argos. Have a great day!


  1. Mmmm I think PB & J with that cute bread.

    I did some great thrifting, mopped up a flooded basement and worked on that decoupaged map chair...I will be revealing ti soon.

    Hot and sticky here today...maybe a dip in the lake would help that.

  2. Nice!

    When I was little my mom had a cutting board the the shape and size of a slice of bread. I'm pretty sure I convinced her to buy it at a craft fair in a mall. It really wasn't good for much. But it was funny. Thanks for the memory! =)

    And thanks for the well wishes too. =)