Thursday, June 11, 2009

finding your way one tin at a time

The shop was updated last night. Go check it out!
I'm out the door to enjoy some sunshine... {This trusty tin will help you find your way}
{who doesn't love old cameras?}


  1. If you don't love them, there's something wrong!

    Lovely finds!

  2. oh' someone's going to grab that camera's a nice one!

  3. love the map fabulous! I love your photos too.....xo

  4. Fantastic tin. I am currently decoupaging an old school chair in maps for a community auction. Your tin would make a nice global accessory.

  5. Ooh, love the map tin! Old cameras are so cool. We found an amazingly pristine polaroid (circa 1963) at the 50's mansion estate sale that was going to be my fiance's first listing in my Etsy shop. Uh yeah, I seriously doubt that's ever going to make it to the shop. It's on display in our living room and every couple of days he picks it up to play with it.

    Ok, off to visit the shop and see all of your new goodies. Have a great wweekend!