Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm back from NYC! The trip was amazing and if you like to hear more about it just check out my other blog Hello Lindello. In the meantime, I was "tagged" by the darling Marsi over at The Cottage Cheese (who also has a lovely etsy vintage shop) to name 6 (un)important things that make me happy. It was a tough call but here it goes:

One: Mussels! Oh how I love to snack on these with a glass of white wine. I just had some yesterday when I got off the plane with my friends Leslie. We stopped in at a little french cafe in Uptown and ordered yummy appetizers with wine. It was delicious!
Two: The drive into Duluth. I have lived in Duluth most of my life, but have never ever gotten use to view of driving into this beautiful small city. The drive from Minneapolis is boring, flat, and long. Duluth all of a sudden, like magic, shows up into view and you find yourself navigating down steep hills toward a huge lake (the largest lake in the US!). Its always a nice welcome home.
Three: Finding sweet random notes from Ben. I've found them in the bottom of my luggage, in the pocket of coats, and in my office drawers. Sometimes I won't find them for a while, and just when I need a little pick me up I find a little scribbled message or funny sketch to cheer me up.

Four: Grilling outside. There is nothing like the taste of grilled corn on cob and veggie kabobs on a summer night. I love love love having a beer in the sun while cooking up some tasty treats on the grill. Summer in Duluth is divine.

Five: Cuddling up with Argos and Ben during a blizzard. One of the many reasons I love Duluth is the changing seasons. The first snow fall in Duluth is always exciting because its not only beautiful, but it makes everything so festive and warm. I love sipping on hot cocoa and cuddling up with my boys.

Six: Being outside. period. Being able to enjoy the outdoors is something that makes my whole day better. I love exercising out in Hartley park, or snowshoeing the SHT. If I'm ever having a rough day or stressed out all I need is to take a long walk outside or go sit by the the lake and I'm good!

Well there you have it! What 6 things make YOU happy? Stay tuned for a shop update this weekend. I'll be adding some fun new things!


  1. I dont even like mussels but that picture looks so yummy! And I am totally with you on the grilling thing. Ever since it warmed up around here I grill at least every other day...hehe...maybe a bit over the top but it makes my day!

  2. Ahhhh, you are a girl after my own heart. I just love your six happy things! Thanks for saying such nice things about me, and for the link to my shop. You are too cool! Duluth is beautiful, I can see why you have such love for your city. Ben's little notes that he leaves for you are too sweet. Great photo of Argos!