Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello to hey Susy!

{This would be a great list book. Who doesn't love making lists just so you can cross stuff off?}
{I am staring at about 7 pencils and pen's right now scattered on my desk that could use a home like this one}
I was super excited to learn Hello Victory has been featured on one of my favorite blogs! I discovered Hey Susy not too long ago and have been reading her lovely posts everyday, so imagine my shock when I went to read it this morning and saw that Hello Victory was being featured! I am truly grateful and excited that people like the new shop. Thank you! Be sure to check out Hey Susy, you won't be disappointed! She also has a lovely shop on her site and on etsy (SusyJack) where you can find wonderful paper goods like the one's above and below. I love the colors and prints she uses, don't you?
{How great are these clips? I can think of a million uses for them besides hanging clothes...}

PS. I think the hey's and hello's must have been drawn to one another....Any Howdy's out there that want to join in the fun?


  1. Whoohoo! That's a great way to start off the day/week!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I'm glad that you found the post that I wrote about your shop. You have so much cute stuff. Keep it coming!

  3. Love those clips! Use them to keep our cereal clipped...chip clips....clips for notes and coupons...LOVE Em! And love your etsy shop! THANKS & all the best!

  4. I love those clips! So simple but so fab :)